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Victoria Johns

Victoria is a Visual Artist who studied glass design at Staffordshire University in the mid 1990’s.  Her studio is on the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire border and her art practice focuses on Mixed Media Painting and Printmaking.  She finds these two disciplines complement and inform each other and allow for a wider exploration of subject matter.

“Currently my inspiration is taken from maps, aerial views, town & city scapes and architecture.  I have always been intrigued by detail and am drawn to depicting my chosen focus of attention in a way the viewer may not have considered before.”

By using a sketchbook and a camera she isolates shape, space, composition, quality of line or enticing texture. This process of observation will often translate into a multilayered artwork.

Victoria has also been exploring permanent versus temporary within these environments.  Aerial views can reveal the gradual changes and adjustments to our land over time.  You might see the remains of iron age settlements alongside modern road networks; the boundaries that carve up our spaces are forever shifting. She also considers the more temporary impact on our streets, those that happen everyday with the individual repetitive journeys made by us in our daily routines, as well as how urban planning influences our movements around towns & cities.

"Everything around us is transient, just a 'moment in time"

More Work By: Victoria Johns

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