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London Bridge, Torquay, Devon  JD.jpg

John Durham

John lives in Hertfordshire and has been painting using a variety of media for many years. More recently ha has been working on Geological Landscapes, producing contemporary paintings which focus on revealing the underlying structures of some of his favourite places and landscapes.

John holds degrees from Hertfordshire, London and Open Unversities and his academic research studies in geology inspired a love of our varied and dynamic national and international landscapes, and his passion for rocks and stones has been the inspiration for his art.

He uses colour and form to explore and reveal the structure and geology of some iconic landscapes using vibrant colours and tints to illustrate the composition of these geologically interesting sites. His undersanding of the underlying structures of these landscapes lends these works a fascinating insight and a new perspective.

The result is work that is colourful and informative and seeks to lay bare the inner beauty of it's subjects.

He is a regular participant at Herts Open Studios and his paintings have been exhibited at many local exhibitions including the University of Hertfordshire Open Exhibition, the Maynard Gallery, the Upstairs Gallery, the Old TownHall, Hemel Hempstead and the Apsley Paper Trail. In London his work has been exhibited at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery and the Mall Galleries.

More Work By: john durham

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