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Andrew Naish began painting again in 2010. In the late 1980’s he had completed a foundation course in art and design at St. Albans, which lead to an HND in Museum and Exhibition design in Hull. He had a thirteen-year career in trade show exhibition stand design followed by a further five years designing for museums.


Andrew feels privileged to be able to pursue his renewed passion for art. He works mainly in a representational style in Interactive Acrylics and often represents landscapes both urban and rural.


He sometimes drifts into abstraction, and has enjoyed exploring a view of Naples in the “Cacophony” series of paintings and also his “Rudbeckia” series which has led to an examination of false value within art.


He predominately works in Atelier Interactive Acrylics.

Hailing from Potters Bar, Andrew lives in Luton, England with his wife and cat.

More Work By: AnDREW NAISH

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