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Inspirational Studios and Workspaces

Hello again.

How’s you’re week? Are your creative juices flowing freely, or are you feeling a little uninspired?

If things aren’t quite working for you right now, why not do what artists throughout the ages have done and tidy your creative space. Some people might call it a distraction, but we all know that there’s something about a good sort out that really helps us freshen up and get moving again.

To inspire you, I’ve put together a selection of posts and pictures. I’ve never met an artist yet, who didn’t love to peep behind the scenes and see how other artists organise their creative space. So why not start at the beginning with some studios of the famous, including Miro, Cezanne and Moore - and my favourite, Barbara Hepworth’s studio at St. Ives, Cornwall. These studios are usually open to the public, but for now we’ll just have to enjoy the pictures.

Who could resist scrolling through a post called ‘The Most Beautiful Artists’ Studios on the Planet’? I warn you though, you might end up with a case of studio envy! I really felt I could happily live in one or two of those studios? What about you?

If your creative space is rather more shed than warehouse, try looking up ‘workspace inspiration artist studios’, on Pinterest, (I haven’t put a link because I’m not sure how!), but if you do Pinterest, I’m sure you’ll quickly get sucked into a massive deep dive of gorgeous studios, with some absolutely brilliant ideas for storage and space saving. Plus, they all look so clean and tidy, you’ll immediately want to go and clean out your own space.

Now, one of the problems lots of people have, is actually finding any space where they can paint or draw, so if that’s you, have a look at this post from Anna Mason - ‘Nowhere to paint? - Top tips for making ANYWHERE your studio’ Anna has some really helpful ideas to help you get going, whatever your situation.

In a similar vein, I really liked Tara Leaver’s post - ‘How to make art in a small space’ Let’s face it, most of us have to start where we are and make the best of it, and she has excellent tips for getting working and not letting space or lack of it, prevent you from being creative.

As someone who predominantly works in fabrics and threads, I don’t so much have a studio, as a loosely organised cupboard, - although occasionally I have been known to splash the odd bit of colour onto a canvas. After years of elbowing other members of the family out, I finally managed to acquire two thirds of what used to be our downstairs bathroom, for my studio/cupboard (the remaining third is still a functioning shower), but it really is my little sanctuary.

In contrast to my somewhat haphazard organisation, take a look at this lovely article on the TextileArtist website about Isobel Currie : Organising your workspace. Isobel’s approach is so neat and tidy, so colour coordinated and airy. It definitely works for her.

Well, there you are, studios galore and no excuses for not sorting out your own space, (you can guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon). Keep those creative juices flowing.

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