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Jenny Hoole

Jenny has always been fascinated with movement and drape. Coming from a fashion design background her passion has been enveloping the form in motion with fluid drapes.....capturing the two touching....for fleeting moments.

Her work  in glass is about harnessing these moments and coaxing them into new forms, exploring colour, pattern and texture using this exceptionally complex material..

The basis of her current pieces is the application of pattern,through composite layers of colour, to express texture and shape in primarily functional vessels. Often, layers of tiny particles of glass are placed and then heated in the kiln, in multiple firings, to give the required strength of colour before the fused glass takes on a moulded shape in a further firing.

Jenny is a member of the Craft Council Directory,Contemporary Glass Society and she has had pieces selected in the exhibitions 'Something Yellow' The Vessel and gallery exhibitions in Hertfordshire.

More Work By: Jenny Hoole

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