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Claire London

Bio : Claire London aka Bear The Artist

I have had a real passion for Abstract Art and have enjoyed exhibiting and selling my works locally and across the globe.


My works mainly consist of small limited runs of experimental abstract pieces on recycled wood sometimes using old paper clippings and acrylics to create layers which i then distress. I work very organically on a wide range of subjects allowing myself freedom to express.


I also work on projects designing albums covers and zines for independent recorded labels and enjoy using inks and printing techniques for this.


My web page showcases some of my early works and projects, one being Stem which was a true labour of love looking deep into spiritual arts and the connection to our health and wellbeing.


I enjoy working on Community project and collaborating with artist here are a few projects I have worked on or managed over the years.


Dunstable wind charming (Bedford Creative Arts) 2013-2017

Power in paint Luton 2019

Dunstable’s Invisible Street Art Trail 2019

Dunstable Toy Hacking 2019

New for 2020


For the past year I have been exhibiting and selling works at the Workhouse Dunstable alongside running workshops and setting up Art Spa a mini enterprise working in Art In Health in the community.


You can also find me


Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and I hope you enjoy the art!!

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