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Ann Pawley

Hand-stitched Tapestry & Canvas Embroidery 

I make art with stitches - while some artists choose to work in oils or watercolour, I prefer to ‘paint’ with threads and fabrics. 

Everything I create is hand-stitched, so I confidently refer to myself as a slowstitcher and the process of making art in this gentle manner is every bit as important to me as the finished piece, the time, emotions and thoughts that I stitch into each work become part of its unique story. 

I draw inspiration from various sources, but the recurring themes in my life and artwork are a deep connection to the land and the ancient landscapes of Britain, to old places - from the pre-historic to the medieval, to nature in her guise of the turning year and to celebrating the play of light through colour. 

Every day I walk in the countryside, photographing the changing seasons, observing the details of patterns and textures created by nature. Eventually, aspects of all these influences are thrown into the melting pot of my imagination and through the alchemy of stitch something new is created. 


More Work By: Ann Pawley

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