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A true country girl, Alison grew up in Edlesborough on the Buckinghamshire/Bedfordshire border. As her mother worked with horses and her father was a farm labourer, it was inevitable that Alison developed a life long passion for wildlife.
Often inspired by the wild places on her doorstep, Alison began to paint at a young age. Though excelling in Art at school, she has had no formal training and has honed her skills the hard way, with lots of practice!         

Though originally a watercolour artist, a switch to the mediums of graphite and coloured pencil enabled Alison to develop her art further, allowing for more detail and poise to be expressed in her work.
As many have realized, getting any kind of animal to sit still for more than a few minutes is impossible. Those spoilsports at the RSPCA say the use of Superglue is illegal, immoral and very probably fattening. Alison draws from photographs, which don't run away very much and almost never require feeding.

Alison has broadened her repertoir by accepting Pet Portraiture commissions. These have proved quite popular and she and hopes that this enable her career to move in an exciting new direction.

Tel: (07952) 291 340


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